FAQ & Links

  • What is BodyTalk?

    BodyTalk is a safe and effective form of energetic healing. It was founded by Dr. John Veltheim, a Chiropractor from Brisbane, Australia who became very ill with Epstein Barr Virus until he experienced a version of a technique that is still a part of BodyTalk, Body Chemistry. Twenty years later it is the fastest growing alternative healing modality.

    Karli believes BodyTalk to be so powerful because it can address self-limiting Belief Systems and remove them from the client’s awareness so that they no longer have to operate from that Belief System anymore. For example, a person has a deeply held belief system that “Life has to be hard” so anytime that belief system is challenged, and they perceive something external to them is “easy” then that belief system has been violated and it can show up as discomfort in the physical, emotional or spiritual body. This Belief System may also be causing the client to go through life always seeking the more challenging routes which can lead to frustration, exhaustion and any number of physical/spiritual/emotional ailments. BodyTalk can uncover hidden belief systems that are no longer serving a client, and completely dissolve them.

  • What does a typical BodyTalk session look like?

    The Introductory Session of BodyTalk with Karli will begin with her going over the filled out intake form and Consent Form. Karli will engage the client in a dialogue of their main concerns for which they sought the treatment. Once Karli feels that she fully understands the clients concerns then the session will begin. The client will lay upon the massage table, fully clothed, and Karli will use one of their arms to obtain yes/no indications via muscle checking. Karli will navigate through the BodyTalkTM protocol using the BodyTalkTM Procedure until a complete formula (several items) are uncovered which will then be followed by integration of the formula into the client’s awareness. To integrate the formula, Karli will focus on the energy of the formula while tapping over the clients head and then over their heart. Sometimes it will be important to bring in the awareness of a specific Organ or BodyPart, at which time a hand placed over a specific part of the body may be required.

  • What can I expect following a BodyTalk Treatment?

    Many clients report that they feel “lighter”, “peaceful”, “relieved” and “calm”. Others report that they don’t notice feeling any different immediately but they find themselves less “bothered” by the things that caused them to book the treatment. Still others have reported a complete elimination of physical pain. It varies so drastically because every session is completely unique to the client and what is being addressed in the way it is being addressed.