About Karli

Karli Andreas is passionate about taking an active role in one’s life, including physical and mental health. Taking responsibility for how you feel and honouring the expression of your inner truth is one of the healthiest things an individual can do. When you work with Karli, she is going to help you to melt away any armoring you have acquired throughout your life and instead live from a place that is true.

Karli believes that every woman already has everything she needs to connect with a graceful work-life balance, yet the conditioning received in early childhood and the desire to please often cause women to feel overwhelmed by life. As an Engineer working for a large Oil & Gas Company in the Edmonton Area, she knows exactly what it means to have hard deadlines as well as what it is like working in a patriarchal and bureaucratic organization. In addition, she understands the competitive atmosphere that exists when performance is being evaluated and bonuses are being awarded. All of these things are not second nature for women as women are hard-wired to nurture and tend & befriend. Rather than swimming against the current, there is always an alternative way, unique to each woman, that once revealed can and will change how you view your experience in the world.

Karli utilizes the BodyTalkTM system which is powerful and effective at identifying each individual’s unique path towards a more graceful work-life balance and existence. Karli draws upon her knowledge of the BodyTalkTM system as well as her life experience to provide her clients with a nurturing and transformative experience in their sessions. She also draws upon other training in the Sacred Money Archetypes and Women’s Reproductive Health when necessary.

When a client chooses to work with Karli, they are choosing to work with someone who will challenge them to release any victim-mode behavior, but also to work with someone who is going to empower them to continue to take steps towards what it is they seek.

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